Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin

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Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin:

aloe vera for skin care Homemade recipes

We don’t need an introduction to this miraculous plant,do we? Aloe vera, it is.
Aloe vera is consistently considered in Skincare, Cosmetics and Ayurveda.  Aloe vera has enormous benefits for skin care and used in many skin care cosmetic products. You can reach out for Aloe vera for Skincare in any form be it Organic Gel, Juice or Gels that are available in the market. In fact it is always better if Aloe Vera pulp or extracts directly applied on skin and it always provides its best results in its purest form.

I am listing down 11 uses and vital benefits of Aloe vera for Skincare. (Tried and Tested!)


1) Aloe vera Gel as a Moisturizer!

Girls out there with Oily skin, trash those Moisturizers that makes you look like you’re oiled. Switch to Aloe vera Gel, that are readily available in the Market. This prevents Dryness and is completely Oil-free.
MBE suggests Aloe vera Gel of brands like Nature’s essence, Brihans and  Aroma Treasures, these are purely made from Aloe vera and has not secondary ingredients. (So the brand claims.)    
alove vera skin benefits - alove vera gel

2) Aloe Vera to treat your Sunburns.

Soothe your skin with the goodness of Aloe vera and say hello to refreshed, radiant Skin. Layer your skin with Aloe vera gel (Either Organic or Store bought) for 15 minutes. And Then massage the gel into skin by massaging in circular motion.

MBE suggest, Refrigerate Aloe vera Gel or add two drops of Peppermint Essential Oil for the cooling effect.

Aloe vera skin benefits - aloe vera for sun burns

3)Fight Acne with Aloe by your side.

Pat Acne or blemish with Aloe vera Gel (Store bought) before you retire. This will help reduce Inflammation and redness also the anti-microbial properties takes care of killing the bacteria.

4) Skip your Anti- aging products for a day.

If you are someone who worries more about the wrinkles and fine lines rather than acne and pimples. Skip your anti-aging products once in a week and switch to Aloe vera gel as serum.

The Vitamin C and E present in the skin reduces Skin discoloration and hydrates, reducing the visibility of fine lines.

MBE suggest, Aloe vera gel can be a great substitute as Night cream or Serum. And is Cheap too!
Add Coconut Oil or Milk, If you have extremely dry skin.

aloe vera skin benefits

5) Aloe vera to treat Cuts, Burns and Scratches

Treat minor cuts, burns and scratches with Aloe vera gel.  Aloe vera helps heals skin faster.

6) Eczema and Extreme dryness

End these problems with Aloe vera gel. It will help to regain a lot of the moisture that the skin loses naturally. Fresh Aloe Vera gel can also be topically applied for getting rid of urinary tract infections.

7) Use Aloe vera juice instead of Rose water.

If you’re uneasy or unable to use Aloe vera gel as Moisturizer or Night cream. Substitute it for Rose water in a homemade face mask.
MBE experienced a radiant glow with Aloe vera juice in a Face mask!

Skin Benefits of Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera Juice

8) Use it as a base for Makeup .

If you have Sensitive skin/ acne prone and cringe to wear makeup because it irritates or breaks out. Use Aloe vera gel as a primer for Makeup. The invisible layer of Aloe vera Gel acts as a barrier between Makeup and skin, just like a primer.
MBE advises to apply makeup after 30 minutes, to avoid patchy looking base.
Try Lacto Calamine Aloe version.

9) Make your own Tinted Gel using Aloe Vera

Tinted Moisturizers can be tricky for Oily skinned Girls. Mix your suitable Liquid Foundation with Aloe vera Gel. And Viola! Tinted Gel imparts that dewy glow without the oiliness.

Skin Benefits of Aloe Vera - Benefits for skin-2

10) Eye makeup base.

Some Eyeshadows can be very tricky and would not show up without a proper base. Why not make your own?

1 tsp Aloe vera Gel + 1 tsp Loose Powder ( Lakme Rose Powder) + ½ tsp Liquid Foundation/ Stick Foundation. Mix well and store in a tight container in fridge, stays for a week.

MBE points out a way to use wrong Foundation shade irrespective of Oily or not. Any type of Foundation will work. Remember to Mix it really well.

11) Use Aloe vera Gel as an under eye Gel!

It will soothe and hydrate the sensitive skin around the eyes. If you refrigerate the gel, it will also counter the puffiness.

MBE suggest, Make sure you do a patch test first.

The lits of aloe vera benefits is endless and it helps to benefit your skin, hair and health. Also aloe vera is useful in every form, so be it aloe vera juice, alo vera plant extracts, aloe vera gel or aloe vera based cosmetics.

So now you know how you can enjoy the good-ness of aloe vera to benefit your skin. Here are some homemade recipes using aloe vera.


How to make your own Organic Aloe vera Gel at Home:

Things you need: Aloe Vera Leaves and Vit-E

  • Slit it in two and take out the gel part with the help of knife. No Green part at all.
  • Blend well in a grinder, It will be runny and frothy. Let it sit for an hour till the froth settles down.
  • Add Vit E 5 Capsules to it.
  • This can be used as Organic aloe vera mentioned above in the uses. Store in a bottle in refrigerator and use up within 14 days.
  • This is how my Homemade Aloe vera Gel looks like

You can jazz up your Organic Aloe vera with Vit C tablet ( fine powdered) and use it as Vit C serum to treat Skin scars and discoloration.

Treat Yourself with Aloe vera on Weekends with variety of Masks and Face packs. Mix Organic Aloe vera gel with Yoghurt, Oats, Fruit Fruit pulps, Honey, Almond, Milk Powder and Cucumber. And notice the Glow!!!

Skin Benefits of Aloe Vera - Benefits for skin

A small word of caution:

  • Before you use store bought Aloe vera gel, do a patch test on a small piece of skin.
  • Aloe vera Gel should consist of at-least 20% ( minimum) of Aloe juice, Do check the Ingredient list for a store bought Aloe vera.

Do you use Aloe vera too? Share your views with us.


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