Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream Review

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Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream Review:

Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream Review

Hi everyone! Today this is my first review for MakeupBeautyEtc! And my first product I’m going to review here is the new Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream. Firstly, I am using oriflame products since a year and I got to know about this brand from an aunty who stays in our society and is an oriflame dealer. Me with my group of friends was sitting on the ‘katta’ of our society and this aunty walked up to us, and showed us some make up products which she had stocked. Some of us instantly bought few lipsticks and glosses from her and she left a catalogue with us. So from then I ordered oriflame products from her and from then I started using Oriflame body creams. There are different body creams available in oriflame with different fragrances. I have tried 3 of them. First Oriflame Divine sensual, Giordani Gold and this is my cute third tub of Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream! ;)

I have a normal to combination skin type and I hate oil based creams. I prefer using only water based creams both for face and body.

About Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream

The Catalogue says:
Indulge in intensely luxurious pleasure with the airy yet creamy sensation of Delicacy Body Cream. Fragranced with the floral notes of Delicacy, this soufflé body cream softens and nourishes your skin with the feminine floral notes of Delicacy.

Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream Price and Quantity: Rs. 449 for 200 ml (I bought it for 349 on offer)

Packaging: This delicious Delicacy Body Cream comes in a nice stylish round pink colour tub or pot packaging with a screw lid on top. Other fragranced body creams of Oriflame come in a different packaging of a transparent colour bulgy pot. But this body cream is from a special Limited Edition Delicacy range. The ingredients list is written at the bottom of the pot.

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Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream - Product Description:
This body cream is a slightly thicker cream than the other body creams of oriflame. But is very light and rich in texture. It is light pink in colour.


Product Code: 22800

Shelf Life: 3 years

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My Experience with Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream:
I have been using oriflame body cream since a year. And now I am addicted to its body creams. I am always attracted to any bath a body products, because I love to pamper my body skin. Every month I order something from oriflame. The Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream had launched in July as the Limited Edition range. I had already used two pots of body creams from the other regular fragranced ones, but this Delicacy range looked something different and quite attractive. Naturally I was very tempted to have one. I immediately ordered this. After a week of order I received this body cream and wow I was so happy and couldn’t resist myself from opening it. I love to use creams that come in a pot packaging. I love to swipe out the cream from them. I unscrewed the lid, there was a silver sealing (good thing about oriflame creams), which I had to open. I opened the seal and firstly smelled this cream. Wow what a pleasant delicious fragrance it has. I applied a little on my hand and it got absorbed in a few seconds. And my skin felt so smooth and supple. I sighed thank god I didn't waste my money on a costly product.

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The next morning I got up, and I just couldn’t wait to apply this body cream on my body. Immediately after bathing I opened this lovely pot and applied this cream on my arms, legs, back and all over. It feels awesome on my skin. And this is what exactly my skin demands. As my body skin turns very dry after bathing and I kind of get rashes after bathing especially with soap or even with shower gels. My skin feels irritated and itchy. So I compulsorily need a body lotion or cream after bath to nourish and soften my skin in any season. And this body cream soothes and relaxes my skin. My skin feels so soft to touch when I apply this cream over my body. I have also noticed that it adds a glow to my skin on application. And it’s fragrance pleases my senses as it has a very delicious fragrance. It smells like a yummy fruit cream. And I love fruity fragrances. So the name must have been given ‘Delicacy’. I love the way it makes my skin smell fruity. It is no less than like a delicacy for me.

The consistency of this cream is on the thicker side as compared to other body creams from oriflame, but it is not too thick. This consistency for a body cream is also fine. The cream has a very rich texture and just love it wow! You just need to rub this cream a bit on your skin, and it gets absorbed within seconds. It doesn’t make the skin greasy at all. And believe me this after applying this body cream, my skin remains moisturized for the whole day till night, I mean for 24 hours. I directly apply this again the next morning. But only may be in winter you may have to apply this twice a day.

This Delicacy Body Cream has suited my skin very well and I feel it will suit all skin types being a rich water based cream. I have been using this cream from 2 months now. It lasts really long. I have finished half of the pot in 2 months. And all the claims made by oriflame are very true. It does what it says.

Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream Pros:

  • Extremely soft, smooth and light textured cream
  • Moisturizes the skin very well and for the whole day
  • Does not make skin greasy
  • Will suit all skin types
  • Can be applied in the morning after bath as well as night
  • Comes in a cute tub packaging which I love, and we can take out a desired quantity
  • Smells delicious of fruits
  • Lasts a long for about at least 4 months

Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream cons:

  • We have to wait for a few days after ordering till we receive it from the dealer
  • They could have given a 50 ml more for this price, like the other body creams. Others come in 250 ml, this comes in 200 ml
  • May turn a bit greasy in summers for oily skins
  • Available only through oriflame dealers

MakeupBeautyEtc recommendation and rating: I recommend everyone to buy this Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream, as it a fabulous product. I don’t think you can find anything else more good than this to pamper your skin. I reallu liked it and would rate Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream 4.5 on 5, just a minus .5 for the less 50 ml quantity. Nothing else, overall this is a fantastic product and can be used by everyone. Don’t miss it!

Will I buy Oriflame Delicacy Body Cream again? I am surely not going to miss this one if it comes in offer again.

  • Overall rating: 4.5/5
  • Price: 3.5/5
  • Effectiveness: 4.5/5 minus .5 for no spf
  • Availability: 3/5



0 # Archana 2012-10-08 16:55
Has anyone tried this?....
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0 # simar 2012-10-15 10:42
hey i have tried this and i love it. Its gonna be on sale too and i am going to grab it
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0 # Archana 2012-10-15 13:32
Ya its awesum :)
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+1 # Saraswati 2012-10-17 11:19
hey..that's such a nice review..i am also using oriflame from the last 4 years..but haven't tried this body cream yet..will definately give it a try..
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